Guard The General - NOT COMPLETED!!!!

Welcome To The Guard The General Game Site. This Site Is NOT Completed

To Play, Simply Click The "PLAY NOW!" Button. WARNING!! Not Completed

Tank Picture

System Requirements

  1. Recommended Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Other Browsers May Not Work.
  2. JavaScript Must Be Supported And Enabled
  3. Your Browser Must Support HTML5


  1. Every Tank You Destroy Gives You 100 Gold Coins
  2. Enemy Tanks Will Drive On to The Battlefield, Shoot, Move Forward, Shoot And Repeat.
  3. Your Job Is To Buy Tanks To Fight Off The Enemy, Your Tanks Will Shoot At The Enemy.
  4. Click On Jems To Get Extra Money.

How To Play

There Are Four Rows Of The Battlefield. Beside Each Row Is A Button, Click This Button To Add A Tank To That Row. Clicking That Button Will Take $200 From Your Bank.

Once You Have A Tank In Every Row, The Tanks Will Move Forward To Allow You To Place A Tank In That Row. Your Tanks Will Shoot At Approaching Enemies. When A Enemy Tank Is Destroyed, It Gives You $100.


  1. Don't Put All Your Tanks In The Front Row, Because... If They Get Destroyed, The Enemy Has A Clear Path To Your Base.
  2. Use Your Starting Money Wisly....Once It Is Gone, It Is Gone.
  3. Click On Gems As Soon As They Appear.
  4. HAVE FUN!!


Picture Of A Army Boat